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We are looking for groups and individuals interested in working with us to develop and scale access to the Resilience Dialogues for all communities. We welcome collaborators committed to building community resilience, including organizations that can help us engage with communities, professional networks, and subject matter experts.

Start a dialogue in your community.

Do you need to start a conversation about risks from climate variability and change and how to respond? Do you need to locate credible scientific information or guidance? Do you need access to experts to assist with resilience planning?

The Resilience Dialogues can be a stand-alone effort to develop interest and initiate action, or be used to add value to ongoing community engagement programs with an organization or federal agency. The core purpose of the Resilience Dialogues is to respond to your community priorities and point you toward tools, resources, services, and networks that are most relevant and useful to your local context. Click here for more information. The Resilience Dialogues is currently unable to accommodate new requests to participate. Please check back for future opportunities and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Volunteer as a subject matter expert.

Do you have information, data, or expertise that might be useful to communities in your region or across the nation?

The Resilience Dialogues is always seeking scientists, resilience practitioners, and other subject matter experts to contribute their expertise to support community resilience. By participating in dialogues with community leaders, subject matter experts help define questions that drive resilience planning, characterize risks in the context of local trends, and explore the resources and strategies required to develop detailed climate risk assessments and plans. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Serve as a facilitator

The Resilience Dialogues relies on skilled facilitators to support Community Dialogues. With support from staff, facilitators ensure the conversation is mindful of the full fabric of the community, help participants navigate and synthesize ideas, and ensure that dialogue objectives are achieved. The Resilience Dialogues provides training that builds on individuals’ existing skills to ensure they can be as effective as possible in the program’s online dialogue environment. Click here for more information and express your interest.

Join us as an affiliate network or network partner

We rely on community networks to connect their members to the Resilience Dialogues. Any community resilience network can become an Affiliate Network by advertising the Resilience Dialogues to their communities. Network Partners receive one or more reserved slot(s) for their member communities in a given round of dialogues. They help increase program capacity and contribute to the development of the Resilience Dialogues to better serve their member communities. Contact us for more information about joining us as an Affiliate Network or Network Partner.   Express your interest.

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