re·sil·ience /rə'zilyəns/ n. 
The capacity of individuals, communities and systems to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions, recover from threats, and thrive in the future.

di·a·logue /'dīə,läg,'dīə,lôg/ n.
The respectful integration of ideas to enable effective action.


What is the Resilience Dialogues?


The Resilience Dialogues is... 

          ...conversations about what communities should expect from climate change and what they can do to respond.

          …community leaders and national experts working together to identify locally relevant information, tools, and connections.

          …on-line discussions, teleconferences, and professional facilitators that help communities launch or advance their climate adaptation plans.

          …a link to the best-fit resources and experts - from both the public and private sectors - for local resilience planning.

          …still being developed. Your participation will help your community now and help us improve our service in the future.

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